Tell the world why you #ChooseOA

#ChooseOA brings us back to why we chose to be part of this brotherhood. It’s different for every Arrowman, which goes to show the many benefits of involvement. We’re all here for a reason, and #ChooseOA is about sharing that reason with parents, Scoutmasters, professionals, younger Scouts, and Cub Scouts.

This program exists to give you, the Arrowman, the tools you need to spread the word of the Order of the Arrow and all of its benefits. As an Arrowman, it is on you to cheerfully serve those around you, in your OA lodge and back home in your Boy Scout unit. That service is the first, essential step in being an ambassador for the OA.

Within this webpage you’ll find even more resources to help you go back home to your unit and let others know how the Order of the Arrow benefits not only Arrowmen, but fellow Boy Scouts and the entire nation.

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