Why do we need brand guidelines?

Think of designs and brand elements as investments. If you spend $5 on each design, supply item, or patch you create, you buy $5 worth of brand recognition in the mind of our audience. Each time you create different designs, you buy a separate $5 of brand recognition that doesn’t add up with the last.

Now, imagine an alternative in which you invest $100 up front in the creation of a brand and guidelines for its use. Now, each time you invest $5 in a new design, supply item, or patch that follows these brand guidelines, you add to the consistent brand recognition in the mind of our audience, increasing our investment to $105, $110, and so on. Eventually, these investments add up until our audience has a valuable and consistent relationship with our organization’s visual materials.

Don’t these rules reduce creative opportunities?

Thinking of brand elements and guidelines is similar to thinking of construction. You could give 5 architects the same 4 building materials and identical constraints on height of building and number of rooms, but end up with 5 totally different interpretations.

In the same way, we give our members a set of logos and guidelines, but the opportunities for what we can create are endless.

National Branding Assets


All approved brand elements and guidelines are available on the Order of the Arrow website.

Section Branding Assets

These elements are encouraged for use when referencing Section C-3A in official publications.

Lodge Branding Assets

These elements were created by the section leadership for use by lodges. Click on the links to download these assets.


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